Camera Products & Services

Close collaboration and full QC Platform Support

Drivers: image sensor, lens, flash

Image pipe customizations, Image enhancement algorithms integration and optimization

Camera framework, middleware and application

Array cameras, depth camera, stereo camera, custom image pipes

Imaging algorithms (IP) porting, optimization, integration and testing using ARM/NEON, Hexagon DSP, OpenGLES, OpenCL, DSP, custom accelerators (EVE) mage quality tuning, testing & benchmarking

Slide ● AI Algorithms ● MFG & Quality ● Optical Design / Tuning Capability ● FOTA / DM / Tracker / Data analysis ● R&D Product and solution ● System Tailor / Tuning ● Globalization Product and Services Capability ● SaaS(Intelligent Camera Product and Solution+ Streaming + AI algorithm)

Optical Design Capability

● IR LED Bright Design

● IR Light Leakage Simulation

● Well Experience in Thermal Solution

● Rigidness Design

● Sensor 6-Axis Auto Alignment

● Image Plane Auto-Alignment

Optical Focus Manufactory & Quality Control

● Class 1000 Lens Assembly

● Lens assembly centering

● Image plane automatic alignment

● Optical assembly lines – image sensor 6-axis auto alignment

● Auto Water Leakage Testing 50m

● Auto Gluing / Audio/MIC/SPK/Auto testing